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Our People

"I am privileged to work alongside an exceptional team at Intrinsys and it is my personal goal to inspire, support and empower everyone to instil the same feeling within our customers" Darren Cairns, Intrinsys Director

Intrinsys is a people centric business in a world of technology. We encourage and support our team to be as active at honing their support skills as they are growing their technical engineering experience.

All our engineers work on internal and customer engineering projects when not providing PLM services, this ensures that their skills remain relevant and appropriate. An engineer that supports a sales or product enquiry will also provide training, help desk support or software development, giving individuals variety in their working life and the opportunity to pick up and share best practices. This unique combination of PLM and engineering services keeps our engineers in tune with the user experience and everyday pressures successful engineering businesses are facing. 

In a technological world where so much can be achieved online, our customer research has shown us that indirect contact can often be the most effective and preferred route to service. Working in this manner has enabled us to deliver larger, more complex and geographically diverse projects and many customers are asking us to support them in this manner.

"I want our customers to tell us where we can do better, we consistently try to do our best but we always want to do better" Darren Cairns