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Our Expertise

"Being the best is as much about desire as it is delivery, good engineers become great engineers in the right environment" Darren Cairns, Intrinsys Director

Intrinsys is a PLM company that is committed to making technology and innovation work in a practical world. This is demonstrated by the resources Intrinsys apply to developing exceptional capability in the latest software and process developments. We learn before our customers have to and seek out and identify the advantages that new products and processes can offer, often within our own business before we later apply it to our customers.

As a highly acclaimed engineering company, the Intrinsys engineering services team delivers hands-on practical support in the form of design and analysis, helping our customers to meet project objectives, manage costs and achieve critical deadlines. Intrinsys are fortunate to have a team of engineers capable of working on the most challenging projects, backed by the very latest technology and advanced processes.       

Our project managers and project teams work from definition through to delivery while our expanding team enables us to work effectively, offering a wide set of skills. Projects vary in duration, size and complexity, during which Intrinsys are skilled at making every customer experience a productive one.

"Whether start-up or multi-national, we work hard to support our customers achieving tangible business benefits. Delivering competitive advantage to our customers ensures the success of our own business"  Darren Cairns.