CATIA V5 Composites Wind Turbine Blade

CATIA V5 Composites - Wind Turbine Blade

Excel Sheet Import Design on Wind Blade and Grid Design or Solid Slicing on Spar 

Integrated Process Centric Portfolio

  • Native V5 process-oriented Composites Solution developed in partnership with Industry leaders
  • Seamless V5 integration shortens composite design time and facilitates communication

Design Performance for Innovation

  • Knowledge Based Composites modeling drives competitiveness and greater creativity
  • High level of automation and standardization by capturing engineering intent and reusing the company's proven composites know-how

Breakthrough technologies

  • Complete suite of cutting-edge Composites Solutions provides a closed loop from Design to Analysis and Manufacturing on a virtual platform
  • Support of Product, Process and Resources provides unique simulation capabilities

Collaborative PLM

  • Collaborative workspace supports concurrent engineering across the teams 
  • PLM Centric Solution to manage the Life Cycle of Composites parts, enable Relational Design and ensure data integrity

Easy, Open, Scalable 

  • Modular and Flexible Solution completed by an ecosystem of CAA V5 partners to address highly specialized manufacturing systems
  • Open architecture for complete customization of Composites processes