Tosca 2016

What's New in Tosca 2016?

Naming convention and Release Cycle Synchronisation
All versions of Portfolio Products will now follow the year-based naming convention to be consistent with each other and consistent with the other SIMULIA product releases that will be occurring at that time.

  • Abaqus 6.14 > Abaqus 2016
  • Isight 5.9 > Isight 2016
  • fe-safe 6.5 > fe-safe 2016
  • Tosca Structure 8.1 > Tosca Structure 2016

What’s New for Tosca Structure 2016 and Tosca Fluid 2016?

  • New DS Installer for Tosca
  • Tosca Documentation now available on DS media

Tosca Structure 2016

  • Tosca Structure.sizing now supports NVH-responses
    • Enables users to address common use scenarios in the automotive industry
  • Tosca Structure.sizing now support circular beams
    • Enables 3D printing of optimized lattice structures
  • New algorithm for casting manufacturing constraint for Tosca Structure Topology
    • Enables users to achieve castable designs where the old algorithm failed
  • New Sensitivity-based algorithms for Tosca Structure Shape
    • Enables users to solve shape optimisation problems which do not use only stress-oriented objective functions
    • Other design responses like displacement can also be considered as objective functions or constraints
  • Stress constraint now supports temperature boundary conditions for Tosca Structure Topology
  • New inverse output of STL-surface for improved data exchange between results and CAD design environments

Tosca Fluid 2016

  • Improved interfaces for Star CCM+ and Ansys Fluent tools
  • New port for Windows operating systems
    • Enables users to run Tosca Fluid natively on Windows
  • Improved optimality criteria
  • New additional monitors for presenting objective functions of backflows
    • Enables users to track progress of optimisations involving backflows

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