3DEXPERIENCE for Academia On Cloud: Available Products

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia on Cloud: Available Products

   Trigram Available Products

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXC Platform Contributor UXC Platform Contributor
Platform Contributor is the baseline block designed for institutions interested in social collaboration and research. With its dashboard capabilities, Platform Contributor enables project follow-up, hands-on exercises, and technology watch through RSS feeds.
3DEXPERIENCE Essentials is a broad application suit-based on the Platform Contributor environment. Encompassing most Dassault Systèmes’ solutions, it is the ideal solution for Engineering and Technical schools wanting to get started.
3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXD Design & Engineering UXD Design & Engineering
Design and Engineering extends 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials with capabilities to automate the modelling of parts that are to be produced using specific manufacturing processes such as sheet metal, composite and molding or routed systems made of pipes, tubes and wires.
3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXS Systems Engineering UXS Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering groups a rich set of functions essential for concurrently designing and simulating various types of objects using models that optimise their geometry and their function.
3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXA Architecture & Civil Engineering UXA Architecture & Civil Engineering
Expanding on 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials in the construction field, Architecture & Civil Engineering especially targets early project stages, providing schools of architecture and civil engineering with an integrative environment to better interact between creative architecture, architectural engineering, fabrication, and construction engineering.
3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXM Manufacturing Production UXM Manufacturing & Production
Manufacturing and Production extends 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials to digital manufacturing for Industrial or Manufacturing engineering programs. This extended set of functions enables the design, simulation, automation and control of sophisticated part production as well as assembly-level production.
3DEXPERIENCE for Academia: UXG Governance and Project Management UXG Governance & Project Management
Extends Platform Contributor with numerous organisation and work process related tools, targeting any educational activity where the development of technical managerial skills is a desired learning outcome.