3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Premise

The 3DEXPERIENCE Process Portfolio On Premise builds on capabilities already available within the V6 architecture, combining all processes and industries into one user experience. Driven by customer and industry-specific demand for easier use and lower training costs, the open architecture allows customisation and the integration of enterprise data into one single environment. Integrating all data, it provides a single source of truth while helping reduce the necessity of costly IT operations such as database replication. While the On Cloud solution offers Dassault Systèmes as the single point of contact and provision, On Premise is a solution that is hosted completely on your own server.

Out-of-the-Box Capabilities

  • 3DSpace: Simplified, powerful management of data and content
  • 3DPlay: Share 3D views and play 3D scenes
  • 3DSearch: Collect and find structured and unstructured data
  • 6WTags: Intelligent, structured, and fast tagging system for refining searches
  • 3DMessaging: Online chat for real-time text, image, or 3D transmission
  • 3DCompass: Unified access to all applications including 3rd party apps