About Us

Intrinsys is in a unique position, combining PLM solutions with a thriving engineering business, delivering mission critical projects to world-class companies in the Automotive, Aerospace, Formula 1, Marine, Oil/Gas, Industrial Equipment and Consumer Goods sectors. Our team has a full range of PLM design, analysis, manufacturing and PDM skills to complement our software programming and IT capability.

The strength of Intrinsys is the quality of our engineers who have both detailed engineering expertise and an extensive understanding of the PLM solutions. When combined with a culture of quality customer service and support, these attributes have seen the company grow in both size and capability with the client base spread as far as North America and the Far East.

Applied Merger
Intrinsys are pleased to announce the close relationship it has enjoyed with Applied CAE over recent years has taken a significant step forward with the merger of the two businesses.

Completed in April 2014, the key objective of the merger is to strengthen the position of the two businesses by combining the sales and technical skills, whilst exploiting the respective leadership positions held by both companies. The plan is to integrate the businesses, enhancing and developing the sales, consulting and technical operations. The merger allows the team to offer customers an enhanced service, both commercially and technically, offering a broader and deeper set of skills.